Monday, 4 May 2009

May CIH Update

Even though there are so many worrying things happening around us like swine flu and financial woes we can only be positive and do everything we can to make a better life.

Wanganui Computers in Homes (CIH) is certainly trying hard and we are awaiting news from the Digital Strategy Community Partnership Fund (CPF) about our application to run places for another 150 families in the Wanganui District. We expect to know if we are successful in early June.

Gathering the information and support for our application has been an inspiring and motivating experience. It was a great chance to forge new community relationships and strengthen our engagement with our partners and stakeholders.

We are very grateful for all the messages of support we have received and are sure these will make a huge difference to improving our chances of success.

We give a huge thank-you to the following people and organisations: Chester Borrows, Member of Parliament for Whanganui; Bronwyn Paul, President, Wanganui Chamber of Commerce; Judith Timpany, Whanganui Community Foundation; Tiahuia Abraham QSM, Aotearoa Women’s Welfare League; Frank Sligo, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, Massey University; Alison Bourn, Family and Community Services, Ministry of Social Development; Sharon Duff, Whanganui Primary Health Organisation, Bob Wilson, Whanganui ACE Network; Heather Cox, Wanganui District Council Youth Services Coordinator; Des Warahi, Community Development Manager, Castlecliff Community Charitable Trust; Gerry Gibbs, Executive Director, YMCA Wanganui; Tracy Lynn, Manager, Age Concern Wanganui; and Jo Rangooni, Chairperson, Bulls and District Community Trust.

The Wanganui District Council continues to be our lead partner and has stepped up their support by incorporating CIH into their Draft 10-year plan 2009-19, also they have included other provisions for digital capacity and capability. It is great to see them taking such strong leadership for ICT and I commend them for their actions.

Whanganui UCOL has reaffirmed their partnership with us and will continue to help us make the most of taking more education opportunities to our families.

Click here and visit YouTube to view a video taken at the Computers in Homes/Microsoft NZ Stepping UP Launch at the Grand Chamber, Parliament in February.

Hear Sue Westwood, our project chairman talk about CIH, council’s roles and her passion for community education.

The National Computers in Homes Coordinators Team at the launch

The Stepping UP launch was a fantastic celebration and a great chance for us to network and fly the flag for Wanganui. Click here to see our photos from the event and other CIH albums

There are plenty of other exiting things happening for us too.

We are thrilled to see eDay, our partner project has just won the PriceWaterhouseCoopers NZ Hi-Tech Award for the Most Innovative Industry Initiative. Click here for details . We hope this accolade will be the catalyst for the ‘powers that be’ to give us their funding green light soon to operate in 2009. Wanganui participated in eDay in 2007 and 2008. Last year we collected 39 tons of eWaste here and we are very keen to do it again.

Wanganui has been included as one of seven regions in the NZ Schools SuperLoop Group submission to the New Zealand Government Broadband Investment Initiative. There were 101 submissions received by the Ministry of Economic Development. Click here to read them including ours submitted by the Wellington Loop Trust on behalf of the SuperLoop Group.

Our participation has been facilitated and championed by Vivianne Murphy, Principal, Wanganui Girls College. Thanks very much Vivianne, we are lucky to have your enthusiasm and really pleased you on our project steering group too!

It was great to attend the Older People Forum at the Wanganui District Council last week. Older people have a huge need to be assisted with digital engagement and have the lowest internet usage uptake of all the age groups by far. Is great to see the Wanganui District Council championing them so strongly, and giving local support organisations a forum to keep in touch. I enjoyed participating and putting my thoughts on paper for my CIH update. Click here to download a copy.