Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Whanganui is keen to go all the Digital Way ASAP

We are well on the way to working with over 125 new CIH families, whanau and fanau here in 2011.

So far, we have 30 families, whanau and fanau at 3 CiH classes running at the Whanganui Learning Centre, Born and Raised Pasifika Centre and for Aberfeldy School. In Term 2, from early May, we are stepping up with new classes being run at Castlecliff, Keith Street and Tawhero Schools plus others at the Whanganui Learning Centre and Born and Raised Pasifika Centre. Whew, demand for CiH here is higher than ever. As well as the above, we have at least 8 other schools and CTCs interested.

Computers for Positive Ageing at the Eugene Crotty Complex

It was neat to see John Maslin’s story about our work with older people in the Wanganui District Council’s Eugene Crotty Complex, in Gonville, published by the Wanganui Chronicle last week. Read it at this link

Last year, we installed 5 computers, connected to the internet, with Skype capability, for the residents to use in their community room. We also had workshops for residents on using them there for one morning a week from August to December.

This has been a very popular resource with the residents and it has given them new opportunities to keep in touch with families and friends, especially outside the district. Some have become Facebook ‘junkies’, others are using Trade Me, or sharing recopies, or playing Sky Virtual Super Rugby, plus using many other programmes and sites.

SURF'S UP: Bill Signal, a resident at the Eugene Crotty pensioner flats in Gonville, is a regular user of the recycled computers installed at the village's community hall. Photo / Stuart Munro. From the story: Programme Connects Retirees, by John Maslin, published in Wanganui Chronicle, Friday, March 18, 2011

Microsoft software donation for Stepping UP training

We are so pleased to receive a new donation of software this year from Microsoft Corporation to enable the Whanganui Learning Centre to deliver training on the most up-to-date available versions of the Microsoft Office 2010 Software Suite.

Our Stepping UP classes are proving as popular as ever this year. We are on track for 150 learners to complete their training and receive a Stepping UP Certificate by mid-year.
The Stepping UP programme is making a huge difference helping people to become more digitally literate and obtain skills to help them find work. Also, many are of our learners are continuing to study and obtain more qualifications and training.

We have been able to help over 600 learners to complete their Stepping UP training in Wanganui since 2009. Not bad eh? None of this would have been possible without the support of Microsoft and especially for Belinda Gorman’s enthusiasm for our work. We can all be proud Stepping UP is making a huge difference here and it will make a meaningful contribution to the overall economic outputs of the district. .