Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Computers in Homes is the learning environment for the 21st Century in Whanganui

Whanganui has Computers in Homes classes going this term at Aramoho School, Wanganui East School, the Born and Raised Pasifika Centre, and the Whanganui Learning Centre.  Participants will be graduating in June and July.

It is so motivating going around and visiting the classes and seeing the wonderful job our trainers are doing helping our parents learn to become active digital citizens.

We are getting very excited about the  Ultra-Fast Fibre TechEx UFB showcase to be held here from 20-22 July 2012.  With Wanganui being one of the first places in New Zealand to begin the roll-out of ultrafast broadband, TechEx will help raise awareness of ultrafast broadband and what it will offer to all sectors of the community, including business, education and health providers.

The Expo will be a hands-on and interactive experience for visitors, many of whom may not be familiar with touch-screen technology, smart phones, etc and who may be unsure of the benefits that signing up for, or changing to ultrafast broadband, may bring.
Visit the TechEx website for more information