Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Whanganui Learning Centre August 2013

Our nine graduates in this class came from all over Whanganui.  Several of them travelled from up the Whanganui River taking an hour to travel to each class.  It was wonderful to see them learn and graduate.  While the graduation was small due to one mum having a baby and others being sick it was still a warm and heartfelt celebration of these families getting to grips with technology.

Our students with Denise Simonson our Tutor in the blue and Naomi from WLC on her right.

Dave celebrating learning the computer for his Mokopuna with Denise our tutor

Kavahna and her daughter with Denise our tutor

Te Rino and Denise

We at Computers in Homes wish you all well on your digital journey.  May this be the start of an amazing adventure.