Thursday, 26 March 2015

Finding what you want on the Internet

It seems to me that the hardest thing for new users of the internet have is searching for information effectively.  We live in a world of endless bits of information.  If you type recipe into the Google Search you get 373,000,000 results.  That's a lot of recipes to search through to find a recipe for Marshmellow Easter Eggs to make for Easter.

So we have to learn to be specific about what we want.  For example if you search for "School holiday projects" you will get 77,800,000 results - if I search for "Drift wood craft projects from primary school children"  I get some very specific results including this

You can also search within things like Pinterest by subject.  Try this - go to and search on Education.  There are heaps of boards on many topics including Special Education.

So you can see - the more specific you are - the more likely you will find what you want. When we think about what we want and become more and more clear about what it is we want to do, know or explore then searching becomes easier.

As you get more experienced you could do a search on "Advanced Internet Searches" which will help you understand how

The next challenge is working out what reliable sources of information are on the internet.  Try doing a search on "reliable sources of information on internet"   I found this clip to show students how to   - if you don't like this one search again and find one you like looking at.

If you have curiosity, patience and the internet then you can literally learn anything.

Enjoy your internet journey.

P.S.  Warmest welcome to the 80 plus students currently doing Computers in Homes in Whanganui, Marton and Raetihi in our region.  Welcome to your technology journey.  May it expand your world. Our first graduation is in Marton on 21 April and our massive Whanganui graduation is on 19 May and our Raetihi graduation will be early June.

Our next classes start in September and I will be letting you know soon where those classes will be.

Also check us out on facebook under Computers in Homes in Homes Wanganui - been posting education links there lately.

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